Tips On How To Clean Sofa Upholstery At Home

Cleaning a sofa upholstery is a daunting task as it involves a lot of effort and time. Sometimes, it becomes essential to clean the upholstery at home when there are sudden dinner plans. Everybody has the one question in their mind that how to clean sofa upholstery at home. This is the common yet important question which is revolving in everybody’s mind.

Here are the few quick tips that can help you restore your dirty sofa back to its original new form

Do not worry about the materials, most of the cleaning products you will get in your kitchen cupboard. Here are the best tips to answer your question of how to clean sofa upholstery at home.

  •    Check the label before cleaning your sofa upholstery to unlock the important rules and suggestions by the manufacturers about cleaning. For example, if there is a sign of W then it means that it is ok to use the water while cleaning.
  •    Prepare your sofa upholstery by removing all the covers, cushions, wrappers, credit cards and other things to ensure that nothing gets washed away.
  •    Once your sofa is completely cleaned, vacuum it. This is an essential process to suck other small particles which are not noticeable. Also, it helps you to rid of surface dirt or dust.
  •    For deep cleaning, you can also apply baking soda which is easily available in your kitchen. Sprinkle it over the entire sofa, leave it to settle for at least 20 minutes. As a result, it will help you remove bad smells, leaving your sofa clean.

Tip: Avoid using colored towels or sponges on your sofa upholstery because it might affect the color of your sofa.

  •    Another way for thorough sofa upholstery cleaning is using the mixture of baking soda and carpet cleaner. Leave it for 20 minutes and after that, you can use either vacuum cleaner or damp cloth to remove this mixture.
  •    For cleaning hard stains from your sofa upholstery you can use the mixture of equal parts water and white vinegar.

Tip: Remove the stains from your sofa upholstery is easy when they are fresh, so act immediately to remove the stain.

Have a Tight Work Schedule? Call Professionals For Cleaning Your Upholstery

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