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When you return home after a hectic day at your workplace, the only thing you like is to remove your shoes and jump into your couch and relax. Your couch is a haven for comfort, and you will love to sink back into the comfy chair; that is only possible until your sofa has seen better days and is covered in spills and stains.  

To bring your couch back to its original life you need to call in your professional upholstery cleaning service such as Sunlight Carpet Care in Santa Maria. Our cleaners have the power to lift even the toughest stains they can transform your lounge or sitting room into a place where you will love to relax and unwind. 

Dirtiest Part In Upholstery 

If you stand and take a moment to notice your couch and armchairs, you will notice that your arms and the headrest on your couch will be dirty and would be clearly visible. You will also notice that the dirtiest part in your upholstery will be the headrest and the arm of the chair.  

This is because dirt and grime are transferred from your heads and hands on the upholstery. Trying to keep your upholstered furniture can be a regular fight with the dust and bacteria. Regular dust could cause health issues to the inhabitant of the home such as infants, pets, people in their old age.  

The only way you may think to deal with the grime that you locate in your room is by buying some cover to put over the sofa and chairs. Nevertheless, this will just cover the dirt and in time they will become old and tired and really bring down the tone of your room.

Professional Upholstery Cleaning

Sunlight Carpet Care can bring the dirtiest couch to its original condition, and rid of stains that you thought were there for life. 

Trying to clean your own sofa is not something that you should try and tackle unless you have the appropriate tools and equipment to deep clean and to ensure that the process will not ruin the fabric of the upholstery.  

By simply cleaning your couch with a cloth and detergent will not tackle the tough and ground-in dirt. In fact, you will make the situation worse by continuously rubbing the dirt in further and introducing even more bacteria and grime as the material takes hours if not days to dry out completely. 

If you are looking for professional upholstery cleaning in Santa Maria call us at (805) 720-8240. Sunlight Carpet Care has the best upholstery cleaners in Santa Maria. You can also fill up our online form. Our support staff will get back to you. 

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