how to clean upholstery yourself?

Whether you are hosting a party or doing preparations for Christmas Eve you need to keep your home fresh and clean. Whether it is your luxurious sofa in the living hall or it is your wardrobe in the bedroom, the bed or the dining table in your outdoor space. Upholstery is the preferable possession. Keeping the value they hold in consideration, it is very critical to offer them with the required maintenance and cleanliness. In this situation you must be thinking how to clean upholstery yourself, right? Hence, this would not only extend the life of all the upholstery but make sure you prevent them from tough stains, unwanted pet stains, grime and mildews.

Routine cleaning can collect the dirt before it gets accumulated in the parts of the furniture. To get the most effective and long lasting cleaning solution, the best thing owners can do is hire professional upholstery cleaners. But in case you want to take on the challenge of self-cleaning of upholstery, you can follow these simple tips for cleaning. Hence,  Sunlight Carpet Care makes it simple for you!

Here are some steps who indicates the ways of how to clean upholstery yourself.

Clean the eatables particles first

Upholstered furniture is used almost every day and hour. People love to sit and eat on it, sleep on it, sit and have long conversations and end up spending a lot of time around them. Quick and easy steps like brushing and dusting can be used to get rid of the accidentally dropped snacks or any type of eatable.

Vacuum the small and tiny unwanted particles

There thousands of unwanted particles on the upholstery which are not visible to the naked human eye. Vacuuming the furniture with the brush attachment is the best and effective way to accomplish this step.

Use the regular cleaning solutions for stains

There are a variety of upholstery cleaning solutions available in the supermarket.  Owners select the perfect one according to their upholstery fabric. If you need a quick cleaner, DIY by mixing one-fourth of a normal detergent to one cup of lukewarm water. Sunlight Carpet Care experts recommend mixing all the cleaning solution with water because applying it directly may cause unwanted stains. It can also make the fabric weak and faded.

Rinse the areas carefully and properly

Make sure you wipe the area gently using a clean white cloth. Once rinsing is done, leave it and let it dry completely. Once it is dried, look at the stained area and repeat the step if it’s required.

Make it dry completely

Make sure your ceiling fans are switched on or open the door and windows until the wet spot on the upholstery gets dried completely. Additionally, keeping them in direct sunlight prevents the upholstery from attracting pests and mildews.

If you are not confident about DIY upholstery cleaning, get a free quote from Sunlight Carpet Care who provides professional upholstery cleaning in Santa Maria and nearby areas.

You may call us at 805 720 8240 or can also fill up our online inquiry form which can help you to leave your cleaning requirements in our mailbox.

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