What Makes The Tile and Grout Cleaning Simpler in 2019

Regular Tile & Grout Cleaning boosts the appeal of the room…

Summer is a great time to deal with the home repairs when the climate is warm, the windows can be left open. With all the sun rays entering through the window making your room filled with positive energy. So, this is the best time to deal with the repairs and maintenance in the house. Tiles can easily be noticed when they are dirty, discolored, and cracked. So, it is vital to have a regular tile and grout cleaning and maintenance. Sunlight Carpet Cleaning has 20 years of experience in the tile and grout industry.

Sunlight is a one-stop shop for tile and grout cleaning and maintenance in San Maria. Whether your surface needs to be cleaned, sealed or repaired our experts have the knowledge, skills, and equipment to complete the task quickly up to your satisfaction. We provide a number of tile and grout cleaning services to restore the beauty of your tiled surface in the bathroom, kitchen or patios.  

Let’s see what is grout and why it makes cleaning easy.

Before Grout Cleaning, You Need To Understand what it is

Grout is a cement that is used to keep the tiles in organized form and keep them in one place. There are two types – unsanded, which is used for normally spaced tiles, and sanded, which is placed between tiles with a gap of over one-quarter inch. The sand bulks up the grout to keep the joints from shrinking and making the tiles pull together.

The installer spreads the grout into the joints, lightly into the cracks, before cleaning grouts that got smeared on the surrounding tiles. The grout takes a couple of days to dry into place. That’s the reason most installers suggest grout sealing to protect the grout from dust.

What Makes Grout Cleaning Easier

The sealant is the magic material which makes tile and grout cleaning is easier. Once the grouting process is done, an experienced professional will suggest you apply a sealant over the grouts. Grout sealing is a process where the grouts are sealed using the process of applying a transparent material to the grout. The sealant settles in the pores of the grout so that the water and dirt cannot enter. This not only makes the grout look cleaner and fresh for longer but also makes the grout cleaning process easier for the future.

Quality Tile and Grout Cleaning Services

Giving the tile proper care is an ideal way to protect your home against mold and mildews and other health hazards. The Sunlight Carpet Care has a highly experienced team and you can totally rely on our experts to enhance your tiled floor and make your home safe.

Regular tile and grout cleaning services provide proper maintenance to the tiled surfaces. Our staff clean grouts very carefully. Because scrubbing it vigorously can break the grout and can create various issues in the future. So first thing our team makes sure is to clean the grouts firmly. Secondly, our experts will also suggest you for re-grouting if it is necessary. Our team uses the best methods and materials while performing re-grouting. We assure you that after our re-grouting service your tile will be protected from water, dust, dirt, and grime.

If you are in search of professionals providing tile and grout cleaning in Santa Maria, call Sunlight Carpet Care. We got the best professionals with years of experience and can definitely meet your requirements. Moreover, our technicians are highly trained to the industry standards. Our technicians have the latest tools, equipment, and solutions to deal with your tile and grout issues.

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