Tips to Maintain Tile and Grout

When it comes to tile selection of our home, we look for certain things such as color, size, pattern, design. It also depends on, for which room you are looking to use them. They might face a lot of traffic, grime, and dirt, water spillage. People have the perception that tile cleaning is difficult to handle, but actually, tile cleaning is easy to perform. Want some tips to maintain tile and grout? No worries, this blog is all about the best tips to maintain tile and grout.

They can be cleaned by wiping it on regular basis to maintain its beauty. When it comes to grout, nevertheless, the problem is just a little trickier and not quite as straightforward. But it’s not only worth it because we certainly want a clean home, but from an aesthetic point of view; a wall or floor with fabulous tiles won’t look half maintaining and cleaning grout to keep it white.

Here are some best tips to maintain and tile and grout.


As we all know grout is porous and will over time pick up dirt no matter how clean our home. Solemnly, it doesn’t matter how much we clean, dirt will unavoidably settle in the gap between the tiles. After some time they will start to look dull and black. So, what to do and how to best clean and maintain them? Well, short of painful task of cleaning each single grout lines using a toothbrush and then painting them over. There are other ways of maintaining them in the first place and cleaning them when needed.

Seal it

The first thing you can do to maintain your grout is to seal it after finishing the tile job. As mentioned above grout are porous, it will easily grab the dust particles. These happen usually in kitchens and bathrooms.  Sealing of groups means, there’s less possibility of these particles penetrating into the grout and can be easily cleaned while wiping tiles. You can use mild detergent and lots of clean water to clean your tiles and grout. It will ensure that they don’t suffer any damage through chemicals.

Rapid Response

Experts recommend cleaning any spillage and stain as fast as possible as they can be absorbed by the grout and will be difficult to clean. When it comes to the bathroom, check your shampoo and other bathroom products. In case it contains colorants or dyes in it, it is possible that the color will over time settle on white grout and will make it dull. If you use such products, then you should make sure to clean your shower walls with clear water straight after your shower and wipe them with them using a clean cloth.

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