Home Tips For Bathroom Tile & Grout Cleaning

The most humid place in our home are in bathrooms and it is natural. In winters, steam is not a problem but it is huge problem in summers as it starts to thrive and survive between your bathroom tiles. 

Bathroom tiles are porous and usually light in color. Grout is susceptible to harboring dirt and discoloration, which can really impact the overall look and cleanliness of the bathroom. 

While it is vital to clean bathroom tiles thoroughly to stop the dirt and grime spoiling the look of your tiles. It is parallelly important to maintain the lifespan of the grout by less usage of harsh chemicals. 

Harsh chemicals are not always a good option to keep your bathroom clean. In fact, sometimes these chemicals can damage your grout and their fumes are also not good for the inhabitants. 

So, start off simple and work your way up with these easy and practical home tips for bathroom tile & grout cleaning.

Use water to clean bathroom tiles 

Start with a natural combination of warm water. Grab a stiff bristled brush and a little bit of hard work. While this will not prevent mildew to reform. Scrub the grout in a circular motion. It will loosen the buildup between the tiles and will make rest of the cleaning process simple. 

If you have a steam cleaner, steam the grouts using a pointed nozzle to further help to loosen up grime before the next few steps. 

Use baking soda to clean bathroom tiles  

Before relying on heavy-duty products, give a try with natural solutions to unhygienic fumes of chemicals in your home. 

Add 2 tablespoons of baking soda with water to form a thick paste, and scrub into the grout with a bristle brush. Once the paste is applied to all the grouts with 50-50% of the mixture of white vinegar and water, then allow the combo to bubble away for the next half an hour. If required to repeat the process. 

Use lemon to clean bathroom tiles 

Next step in cleaning, make a bathroom tile cleaner paste by mixing ¼ cup of borax, ½ teaspoon of lemon oil, and liquid soap. Take an old toothbrush, scrub this paste on the grout in a circular motion before rinsing with warm water. 

Approach professionals 

If your bathroom has ventilation problem or you are concerned about surrounding yourself with lots of chemical products, considering leaving it to the professional tile & grout cleaners. 

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