5 Tips to Pressure wash Concrete Driveway

Concrete driveways are specially designed to bear the weight of the car and used continuously for entering or exiting your house. The concrete driveway is also the ideal place to walk; besides that, children can play and run around with pets. You can also find kids riding their bikes on the driveway. If you are like me, it is a good place to leave the mower after cutting the grass.

The concrete driveway has to face a lot of traffic through a day. Due to this traffic, the driveway accumulates a lot of dirt. This dirt settles in the gap of the driveway and then retains moisture and algae begin to grow. With time the beautiful and expensive driveway becomes discolored and sometimes black or green and even slippery when wet.

The fastest, easiest and ideal way to get your driveway nice and clean again is by using a pressure washer for the cleaning task. A high jet-pressure washer used to flush away the stubborn dirt, algae, and unwanted contaminants in between the cracks and grooves. With the help of this, professionals save lots of water each time and provide the best results in less time.

If you want to get the best looking and cleanest results from pressure washing then you must try these five tips.

Prepare your Surface

Obviously, you need to shift the object that can become an obstacle during pressure washing such as vehicle, flowerpots and more. Once you have done with the emptying of the area, prepare the surface by either sweeping the area to be cleaned or using a garden blower to remove loose particles and leaves.

To get greater results wet down the area with 10 min before you start the cleaning process. This will soften the dirt on the surface and make it easier to remove.

Prepare Your Pressure Washer

You need to understand your pressure washer fully before you start. For that reason, you can get the best possible results without damaging your machine. Read the manual before you start the cleaning. Your manual will help you to understand the step for assembling the pressure washer such as connecting the hose and spray wand and more. You will also learn what different nozzles are used for and can then select the correct nozzle for the task you are about to do.

Start With Washing

Now you have your surface prepared and your pressure washer assembled and loaded, you can start washing. Wear your protective gears such as gloves and safety goggles so dirt does not get into your eyes. It is good to wear old or safety cloths so you will not end up running your new clothes with splashes of dirt.

Keep a distance of 30-40 cm between the nozzle and the concrete driveway so you do not end up damaging your concrete but can still get all the dirt loose. Work in a symmetrical pattern and wash away all the dirt. If in case the stains are tough and grimy, take the nozzle bit closer to the concrete.

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