Problems That Occurs During DIY Pressure Washing

There are many homeowners in the US who suffer from damages while performing DIY Pressure Washing task every year. For that reason, it is essential that the industry identifies all the reasons that make it necessary to hire a professional for such projects. Usually, DIY pressure washing tasks end up costing lots of money for the homeowners. So, the list shared below shows how a do-it-yourself pressure washing project can awry.

Lack of experience and Knowledge

Firstly, the most common mistake people make is using the machine at high or low pressure. It is essential to know what the accurate pressure should be while performing DIY pressure washing. The customer usually finds difficult getting their hands on an industrialized pressure washer. Which is obvious because they are even stronger than the customer grade.

However, customer-grade pressure washers are also powerful. Depending on the surface receiving the cleaning, the pressure needs to be adjusted accordingly to ensure no damage occurs to the surface. For instance, too much pressure on the siding of your house can cause the paint to chip or peel off. This will leave your house looking messy and old, and it will require you to get a new coat of paint soon.

Lack of Knowledge about Cleaning Solutions

Secondly, the opposite can happen. Many homeowners know that using too much pressure can harm the surface they are washing, so they end up using a little pressure. After some time, this can also damage the surface because it is never getting spotless; this can cause bacteria, dirt, debris, and other mildew to build up over time and cause the surface to deteriorate.

There are many homeowners who only load their pressure washer with water, but this is not the best way always. Instead, using a cleaning solution with the water is an ideal way. Still, you need to know the amount of water and solution to be mixed. It is because too much or too little solution can affect the after wash results.  

Wrong Way of Cleaning Approach

One of the most common and worst mistakes people make is the cleaning approach. The actual method of cleaning is the top-down approach. But most of the homeowners begin cleaning with the first area in front of them, but that is not the right way. It is always best to start from the top of your home and work your way down. This is because when you knock dirt or debris from the upper part of your home, it will land on a lower part of your house. This dirt and debris can be cleaned later as you work your way down!

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