Pressure Washing

5 Benefits of Pressure Washing Your Home

Did you know that 45% of homeowners underestimate the cost of home maintenance? This is likely due to the fact that they forget certain maintenance tasks that should be done regularly.

Often overlooked is the exterior of the home. However, the cost of maintenance for the outside does not have to be high if you choose cleaning methods like pressure washing.

Keep reading to learn five benefits of pressure washing your home.

1. Prevents Damage

Moisture during certain seasons can cause serious stains and damage to the exterior of your home. If you go without cleaning the grime on these surfaces, permanent damage will occur.

Mold damage is common if grime is untreated. Mold feeds on finishes and paint and ultimately removes them.

Crevices around the outside of the home are most susceptible to dirt, grime, and algae buildup. Mold and mildew thrive in shaded areas and can keep growing unchecked for years.

Unless you are scrubbing every nook and cranny of your home’s exterior, pressure washing is most beneficial.

2. Saves Money

If you want to save money while increasing home value, pressure wash your house. You need to protect your investment by completing regular maintenance.

Exterior cleaning is often an afterthought but is essential home maintenance. This type of preventative maintenance can save you money down the road by helping you avoid costly repairs.

You can take years off an old home with a good clean. Plus, it is a cost-efficient way to wash the entire outside of the house.

3. Primes Surfaces

Do you want to resurface, refinish, or paint the exterior of your home? If so, pressure washing is the best way to prepare and make sure that your current surface is ready for the new look.

Pressure washing removes dirt and grime to give you a smooth surface to paint on. The same is true if you want to refinish your pool or restain your deck.

Any coating applied to a surface is likely to fall off without properly removing old mildew, dust, chalk, or paint first.

4. Protects Your Health

Dust and mildew can affect your home’s appearance and your family’s health. The grime, mildew, and dirt that accumulates overtime on the exterior of your home can be dangerous.

Pressure washing at least yearly can keep your family and pets from getting sick.

5. It’s Environmentally Friendly

A pressure washing solution is environmentally friendly because they are non-toxic and safe for children and pets. This technique is also safe for plants, grass, and other shrubberies around your home.

While pressure washing is safe, it is still tough enough to remove all debris from multiple surfaces.

Does Your Home Need Pressure Washing?

The exterior of your home needs regular maintenance and cleaning much like the inside. Outside surfaces become stained and grimy due to environmental factors and old age.

Pressure washing acts as regular preventative maintenance that can save you money on repairs down the line. This affordable cleaning option gets the job done the first time.

Our cleaning professionals can pressure wash your home and make it sparkle again! Contact us today to get an instant quote.

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