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4 Common Floor Waxing Mistakes to Avoid

Most visitors create an impression of your home the moment they step in. 15% judge you for having dirty floors. It’s one of the first things they notice and the easiest to form a negative opinion about.

The cleanliness of your floors also matters if you own a business. 64% of customers walk out because of disorganization or poor appearance.

Floor waxing is an easy way to revitalize your floors. It makes them look better and protects them in the future, but getting it wrong defeated the purpose and makes them look worse. 

Read on to learn four common floor waxing mistakes and how to avoid them. 

1. Not Prepping the Floor

Sweep and vacuum around the floor to remove dust and debris. Remove furniture to keep the surface beneath it from staining. 

Strip off old wax before applying a new layer. Failing to take this step leaves dirt, debris, and discoloration stuck between the old and new layers. It’ll continue to show up if you add any new layers later. 

2. Using the Wrong Chemicals

Do your research to determine the right chemicals for your floor. An acidic cleaner on a wax floor strips away the wax, taking away all your work. Certain chemical strippers can also damage marble or premium vinyl tiles. 

Cheaper chemicals that seem like they’ll save you money can increase the cost of your job. They cause discoloration and other issues. You’ll have to strip and wax your floors more often, pay more for labor, and spend more time on floor maintenance.

3. Having the Wrong Dwell or Drying Times

Dwell time is the time a product needs to stay wet for maximum effectiveness. Commercial cleaning products have different dwell times, but if they don’t stay on long enough, they won’t penetrate the top layer. This makes them difficult to remove later. 

If you apply your stripper too thinly, it’ll start to dry before it can be removed. Apply it liberally so that it doesn’t try too early.

4. Not Hiring Professionals

Hiring a professional is one of the best ways to avoid common floor waxing mistakes professional waxing.

They have the experience to keep everyone safe by preventing injuries. Slips, trips, and falls are the second-largest cause of on-the-job fatalities. They cause over 648,000 deaths per year. They’re also common in residential areas and homes.

Floor waxing creates a protective layer for your floor that prevents:

  • Dirt
  • Water
  • Spills
  • Wear and tear

A professional wax job even heals scratches and stains. You’ll get the beautiful results you wanted, and they’ll create a better impression on you and your visitors.

Floor waxing can even extend your floor’s life. It’s an investment in your home that pays off quickly.

Choose the Best Professional Floor Waxing

Common floor waxing mistakes include not prepping the floor, choosing the wrong chemicals, and not letting enough time for them to dwell and dry. Hiring a professional helps you avoid all of them.

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