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What Is Upholstery Cleaning and What Does It Involve?

78% of Americans spring clean their home every year. The same percentage also feel their homes are not as clean as they would like. 

Many perform deep cleans on their homes, but forget one element. To clean their upholstery. 

Outside of wiping down the hard surfaces, what else can you do to clean your furniture? There are ways to give your furniture a refresh and a good clean.

What Is Upholstery Cleaning?

Upholstery cleaning is the process of cleaning the soft furnishings in your home. This can be mattresses, sofas, and the cushion parts of chairs. 

Any piece of furniture that has foam or padding. For example, your love seat is made of wood but has foam on the seating part. It’s easy to clean the wood, but care and attention are needed for the soft furnishing part.  

The furniture fabric also needs cleaning. Some pieces of furniture might have fabric only. While others will have foam or visible wood. 

There are dedicated products and machines you can use. These will give you optimal results without the chance of damage. Use them as per the instructions. 

After some time, they may be a collection of stains, spills, and dirt. Questionable smells may come from the soft furnishings in the home. This means it is time to clean your upholstery.

Upholstery cleaning might appear to be hard work. With some research and care, and attention, your furniture will look restored. 

How Can I Get Good Results With Upholstery Cleaning?

Check over all of your furniture firstly. See what work needs to be done. From spot cleaning stains to cleaning the entire furniture.

Start with a good vacuum all over the material. This will help pull out trapped dust and get in the creases and corners. 

Use cleaning products specifically designed to clean upholstery. Do it on a day where you can have the windows open to help the drying process. Check the instructions and drying time, if you are unsure, research before you start.

Smells can get trapped in the furniture padding, especially in an armchair. Using scented products can help remove malodor, too. 

You can use upholstery cleaning machines to help you clean thoroughly. The most popular machines are dry and wet vacuum cleaners. Dedicated machinery will get your furniture looking new.

Take care of the wood as well as the upholstery. Use a good polish to clean the wood. Then use a dedicated wood wax to treat the wood. 

Take your time and research the particular furniture. This will help you ensure you are cleaning it well. You don’t want to rush, especially with delicate fabrics. Some fabrics might need specialized cleaning.

Is There an Easy Way to Clean My Furniture?

Yes, there is! Hiring a company is the easiest way to get a professional deep clean on your furniture. Especially if they are natural fabrics, as they need specialist care.

Why delay, you can contact us for a quote today! Hire a professional upholstery cleaner for your furniture.

There is no need to struggle. Hire professionals that are able to get your upholstery cleaning done for you.

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