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How to Clean the Different Carpet Types

Is your carpet looking dirty no matter how many times you vacuum or scrub it? You may not be doing it the right way. However, you don’t want to use the wrong chemicals and end up with chemical stains that won’t go away easily. 

Remember that there isn’t any best cleaning method. Whether your carpet is a loop pile or a cut pile, your cleaning method needs to be determined by the kind of carpet fibers in your home as well as how dirty they are.

Read on for our easy carpet cleaning guide for a variety of carpet types!  


Synthetic carpet fibers need to be regularly maintained with a vacuum in order to look their best. If you need to spot clean it due to a stain, you can use a combination of baking soda and warm water after a spot check. If you just installed your carpet or rug, you can also see on the care label the recommended products. 

Hot water extraction of steam cleaning can be one of the most effective ways to deep clean synthetic carpets effectively. This is a combination of cleaning agents being applied to the carpet with a brush. Once the cleaning solution has settled, it’s rinsed away with special steaming equipment. 


Wool is more absorbent than synthetic fibers, you may want to skip shampooing or steaming unless necessary, as they take much longer to dry. You’ll also want to avoid using bleach even if your carpet is white–it will destroy the fibers. Vacuum this carpet regularly and remember to avoid using alkaline products.

Encapsulation is a great method of cleaning wool carpets because it has less drying time. Synthetic agents are applied to the carpet that crystallizes as they dry. All you need to do is vacuum up the powder.

One of the issues with encapsulation is that it’s not as thorough as steam cleaning or shampooing your carpet. You can follow it up with bonnet cleaning in order to ensure that the surface fibers are clean. This is when a heavy, motorized machine with a spinning pad dipped in solution is applied to the carpet.  


These carpets are easy to clean because they feature large carpet loops. The denser the fibers are, the harder it is to achieve a clean carpet. Just like with all the different carpet types, regularly maintaining your carpet by vacuuming at least once a week is the easiest way to make it look clean. 

You can also shampoo the carpet for a deep clean. Although shampooing is becoming less common because residue tends to be left behind, this is less of a problem if your carpet doesn’t have dense fibers. 

Cleaning Depending on Carpet Types

When it comes to cleaning depending on carpet types, it’s important to remember that you want to pay attention to the fibers of your carpet. For instance, synthetic fibers are hardier but usually very dense, so you want to use methods such as steam cleaning or dry carpet cleaning in order to ensure that they’re being thoroughly saturated. 

On the other hand, Berber carpet is easier to clean because the fibers aren’t as packed. Regardless, regular vacuuming once a week and spot cleaning will get you far! 

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