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How Carpet Stains Can Depreciate Your Business Brand

Ensuring your company has a clean office is not only a sanitary concern but also a business brand issue.

Issues with the brand’s image also apply to your office’s carpet condition. Whether there are new or old carpet stains, you must ensure they are cleaned. Poor first impressions can sink a business. 

According to a survey by Dollar Shave Club, which involved 2,000 Americans, it takes 27 seconds to make a good impression.

A poor first impression means if a potential client can identify a few stains on your office’s carpet, the damage to your business image will be done in less than half a minute. 

But what else occurs when a company doesn’t ensure its carpets are clean? Keep reading for our top reasons why you need to ensure that your office’s carpets are clean, and what to do. 

Looking Neglectful 

A business with visible carpet stains is a company that subtly indicates they don’t look after its assets. Carpets in any room can elevate the look and feel of the area. 

If the carpet is badly stained or in a poor state, it indicates that you as a company can’t look after your assets or any potential investments. There’s nothing worse than stepping into an office that lacks any curb appeal from the waiting room. 

Instead, create a routine to ensure carpets are in the best condition.

Also, you can indicate that your office cares for the environment by implementing natural carpet cleaning methods.

Showcasing you use nonharmful biological cleaning agents around the office will show potential clients that you look after assets and have strong ethical beliefs.  

Healthy, Breathing, Employees

Those suffering from respiratory issues will always be thankful for a clean carpet. If you are experiencing a change in the seasons, you might see elevated pollen counts. 

If you are experiencing high pollen counts, you might need to vacuum your carpets more regularly. 

Your employees will thank you as well for better working conditions. If one of your staff members is experiencing undiagnosed difficulties, you can look up certain airborne conditions on the American Academy of Allery, Asthma & Immunology. 

Better Focused Employees

Carpets riddled with stains are usually smelly and are a sure sign you need a commercial cleaning company to help you. No employee in an office wants to work in an area that smells. And eventually, these employees will get distracted. 

Instead, ensure that the carpets in their working space are clean and fresh. Creating a comfortable work environment will have a knock-on effect of having a more productive workforce. 

And employees that produce better work without distractions will ensure your company delivers only the best services. Also, a clean working environment will ensure loyalty. 

Prettier Spaces

Ensuring that your carpets are clean will guarantee that your office’s spaces will be prettier and more attractive for longer. There’s nothing worse for an employee than working in a dull space. 

By simply keeping your carpets clean you will ensure your employees are happy and proud of their workplace and job.

Get a Better Brand Image By Keeping Carpet Stains Away

Keeping a healthy brand image is as simple as ensuring there are no carpet stains.  

At Sunlight Carpet Care, we provide professional carpet cleaning plus several other professional services as well. Contact us today to see how we can help keep your office’s brand image healthy and clean. 

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