FAQ: How To Make Carpet Dry Faster?

Carpets are the great flooring options. Nowadays, the majority of people prefer carpet as the flooring option. Carpet enhances the appeal of the room. Having pets and kids in the home means spills and pet accidents are obvious. Cleaning up the mess is really a tiring task, especially in winters, it becomes more difficult as the carpet take more time to dry. If you’re cleaning or dealing with water spills or leakage on your carpet, you might be looking for solutions how to make carpet dry faster. Moisture and carpet are not good together, especially if left unattended for a long period of time.

So, experts of Sunlight Carpet Care have shared some carpet cleaning and drying tips. In no time at all, you’ll know how to dry wet carpet fast. Even in freezing weathers. How cool is that?

Never Overlook Wet Carpets

When it comes to wet carpet, you really need to act very fast. If you overlook and don’t respond in the time frame of 24 hours, mold can begin to develop and have its way with your carpet. Molds are toxic and dangerous, especially to those are sensitive with allergy symptoms.  

If you want to keep your home healthy and clean, it is vital to have a fast action plan. That carpet needs to be dry and it needs to be dried fast.

Remove furniture from carpet

Firstly, you need to move the furniture from the carpet. This will protect your furniture from sitting in a soaked wet carpet. Or else, your furniture will face mold dangers. Move your furniture out of the room so your carpet will get more space to focus on drying your carpet.

Hang it out to dry

If your house doesn’t have wall to wall carpeting, then the best thing you can do is hung it outside to dry. It’s been said that sunlight is a great disinfectant. In case, it is cold outside, this solution is worthless.

Soak up as much of the excess water as possible

The best thing you can do right off the bat is whip out some clean rags. Utilize the rags to blot the spills up to soak the water. Wring out the water or grab fresh rags as you go. Once you are done with soaking, it’s time for the next step.

Vacuum the carpet with a wet vac

Some of the vacuum cleaners are not made for water vacuuming, but others are built to manage it. If you learn to handle vacuum which is designed for such a task, then that will certainly help to successfully complete the drying process.

Precaution tip: You need to understand that most vacuum cleaners that are manufactured for home use are not great at dealing with water. In most case, vacuuming water could be dangerous to the user. It is better to borrow a wet carpet vacuum cleaner. These vacuum cleaners are designed to safely handle water clean up.

Open Your House windows

Searching for how to make carpet dry faster? Windows can be your savior. Open the windows of your home to allow air to circulate. This tip will be useless when the weather is cold. Nothing to worry, It’s ok. You can proceed to the next method and dry your carpet using other methods. Thankfully, your wet carpet can be dried faster through various cleaning tactics.

Install Portable fans

Whether It is summer or winter it doesn’t matter, you can place fans up around your carpet. The air blowing across the carpet will decrease the drying time. Whatever you have will help. You just need to plug in your fans and set them around the carpet. You can use box fans.

Switch on the ceiling fans

Only portable fans aren’t the solution, for additional support switch on the ceiling fans. This will help to decrease the drying time. The constant airflow will help to dry your carpet faster.

If you do not have ceiling fans, relax. There are other ideas we will share with you.

Install Dehumidifiers

Final tips by Sunlight experts is a do-it-yourself tip, place a dehumidifier in your room. Dehumidifiers are great machines to make your carpet dry faster. They are great at eliminating moisture from the room, eventually, making carpet dry faster.

If you are not confident with these DIY methods it is better you approach professional carpet cleaners. Because with a lack of confidence and knowledge you will end up with irreparable damage.

Sunlight Carpet Care is the best carpet cleaning company who can provide the high-quality result. Sunlight Carpet Care has all the expertise you need in a professional carpet cleaning company in Santa Maria and nearby areas.

Call now on (805) 720-8240 and talk to our experts to get the solution for all your cleaning problems.

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