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6 Common Carpet Cleaning Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Your carpets hold up to 14 times more dust mite allergens than smooth floors. When you walk over the carpet, allergens fly into the air. For family members with asthma, the dust triggers breathing problems.

How can you improve your home’s air quality and keep your carpets? They need regular deep-cleaning. Going over your carpets once a week with a vacuum isn’t enough.

Common carpet cleaning mistakes leave your carpets dirtier or full of holes. Take the time to learn safer cleaning methods. Your rugs will thank you and last many more years.

1. Damage to Carpets From Scrubbing Too Hard

When you clean hard surfaces, you need steady pressure to remove the grime. Using the same cleaning technique on your carpet untwists the carpet fibers. 

Spot-clean your carpets by dabbing a rag over the stain. If you’re cleaning a rug, a second rag under it will help collect the mess.

2. Not Using the Right Carpet Cleaning Tools

The carpet cleaners you see for rent at the store are never serviced. They’re rented until they break with no care if they fail when you’re using them. 

A faulty cleaner might chew up the carpet and rip holes. Most often they leave dirty, soapy water and your carpets reek like wet dogs. 

3. Cleaning Different Types of Carpet the Same Way

Cleaning old carpets isn’t the same as cleaning modern carpets. The fiber materials aren’t as strong as modern carpets. Chemicals and a heavy-duty cleaner fray the fibers, ruining the texture.

Consult a carpet cleaning service before trying to do it yourself. They’ll have the right tools to protect your carpet and make it like new. 

4. Using Harsh Chemicals on Your Carpets

Carpet cleaning solutions can make your carpets dull and ratty. Always test your cleaning solution in a spot under furniture before using it. 

Less is more when it comes to concentrated cleaning solutions. The excess solution won’t mix in the water right and clings to the carpet fibers. Once the fibers dry, they’ll feel tacky and gather dirt.

5. No Ventilation After Cleaning the Carpets

It’s wintertime and you want to clean the carpets before the big family meal. The problem is, it’s too cold to open the house to let the carpets dry. You clean them anyway, but in a week the house smells moldy.

Water and soft fibers make a perfect home for mold spores. If you don’t clean and dry it right, the mold will eat the carpet.

6. Always Going the DIY Route for Carpet Cleaning

The carpet cleaner and solution you buy at the store is okay for surface cleaning. If you want to make sure all the allergens in your carpet vanish, hire a professional.

Professional-grade carpet cleaning tools have better suction. They pull out the grime in your carpet and leaves it dry enough to prevent mold.

Don’t Let These Carpet Cleaning Mistakes Ruin Your Home

A clean carpet boosts your home’s indoor air quality. Falling for carpet cleaning mistakes will introduce more allergens into your home. Sensitive family members could get sick from exposure.

Sunlight Carpet Care is ready to tackle your dirtiest carpet. There’s no challenge too tough for our team of professional carpet cleaners. 

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