3 Ways Professional Carpet Cleaning Services Can Keep You Healthy

Do you have sniffing issues more than normal when you are inside your home? Or having frequent coughing issues? Then it is an indication that your carpet needs professional carpet cleaning services.

It bit shocking to find out how many health risks can occur due to dirty carpets. Not only for those having respiration issues, such as Asthma, but also for those who spend most of the time in such areas. So, what are the risk for humans in dirty carpets? Here they are, let’s have a look:

  •    Pollutants

The (EPA) Environmental Protection Agency says that a carpet is a mega filter which can hold several different sources of indoor air pollution. Whether it is bacteria or dust, foot traffic can release these particles into the air. In turn, it can trigger coughing fits and pose a particularly serious risk to those previously suffering from respiratory issues.

  •    Mold

Unlike the rest, dangerous pollutants mold is one of them. This particularly has a high risk in the areas with high humidity. Dirty carpets have a high chance of growing mold and can trigger various different health risks. Mold can actually cause people to develop respiratory issues, who previously had none, that can affect one’s health for the rest of their life. If gone unnoticed and uncorrected with carpet and rug cleaners for a long span of time. Mold can be the major cause of respiration issues, who previously had none and this can turn into a lifetime problem. If it is overlooked or left untreated in the carpets or rugs it can be fatal in the future.

  •    Pests

The pest can be a threat to the carpet as well as you, it can make your skin crawl. Dust mites keep on spreading in the uncleaned carpets. Experts and health department officials say if you avoid regular carpet cleaning services, then up to 2,000 dust mites can survive easily on just one ounce of carpet dust. Professional carpet cleaning services can not only prevent them but also destroy the existing infestation using the pro techniques and tool to clean carpets.

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