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What Are the Common Types of Carpet Stains?

One of the biggest mistakes people make when buying a carpet is not considering their lifestyle. 

For example, a white carpet for a family with kids and pets is just a bad idea. They should opt for one that can take on lots of traffic and has stain-resisting properties. 

Now, if you’re confident you’ve chosen the right carpet for your home, great. That means you can take it easy knowing your carpet will stay beautiful for a long time.

Right? Well, only if you can keep it clean and stain-free. That being said, let’s discuss the types of carpet stains and how to clean them.

Wine Stains

No matter who spilled red wine on your light-colored carpet, the important thing is to act fast. You’ll want to get absorbent cloths or paper towels to blot the area, making sure you soak up as much of the wine as possible.  

If the stain’s still there, you can mix equal parts of dishwashing liquid and white vinegar. Dilute with warm water, then apply this mixture to the area with a sponge. 

Remember not to rub the stain or it would settle in deeper into your carpet. But don’t worry. If you somehow made the problem worse, a professional carpet cleaning company can help get rid of many carpet stains, including red wine and other alcoholic beverages.

Pet Stains

Pets’ urine is one of the most common carpet stains. It’s also one of the toughest stains to remove by DIY means.

If you don’t completely get your pet’s urine out, it will continue to wreak havoc on your carpet. Keep in mind that your furry pal’s urine contains uric acid, which doesn’t break down with just soap and water. 

Your best bet is to have your carpet professionally cleaned. With deep cleaning, there’ll be no more urine left, plus, it will also get rid of allergy-causing pet dander.

Other Types of Carpet Stains

Aside from wine stains and pet stains, other kinds of carpet stains to watch out for include fat- and oil-based stains, wax, and gum. 

If you have a synthetic fiber carpet, you’ll find salad dressing, petroleum jelly, and other oily stains a challenge to remove. These stains really stick to the fibers, unless you have a pre-treated carpet, which can repel fatty stains. You can use a special type of cleaner to remove this type of stain, or you can hire a pro to do the job.

As for wax and gum, use the ice method. Don’t remove them without freezing them first, or you’ll damage the fibers.

Need Carpet Cleaning Services?

Now that you know more about the most common types of carpet stains and how to tackle them, do you think you’ll be requiring the services of a pro soon?

If yes, and you live in Santa Maria, CA, we can help. You can check out our carpet cleaning services and get a free instant quote. We also have other posts on carpet cleaning that might interest you. 

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