Professional Cleaning Can Save Money & Time

You should have a building’s wall-to-wall carpet cleaned occasionally in order to help the fibers last longer. Professional cleaning can save money and time. Where there is debris on the surface of carpets, it begins to trickle down to the bottom of the fibers along the underlying matting.  

Shampooing carpet on your own is a time-consuming and strenuous chore that involves moving furniture and appliances. However, professional technicians can complete the job quickly. You won’t risk an injury to your back or waste a day renting equipment and moving the heavy item in order to remove pet stain, household dust and other debris from a home’s carpets. 

Appropriate Cleaning Carpets Prevent Allergic Reactions 

If your home is facing problems with allergies, then keeping the carpet clean is necessary. Carpet fiber act as a magnet which attracts allergens like, pet dander, pollen, and dust, leading to frequent sneezing, sinus congestion and coughing. 

Even if you vacuum your house’s carpet with a specialized high-efficiency vacuum cleaner. Some debris remains deep inside the carpet. However, when you have allergies, you do not want to have carpets cleaned with strong man-made chemicals that will emit fumes.  

Choose Green Carpet Cleaning 

Luckily, modern carpet-cleaning companies provide green or allergen-free methods of shampooing carpet to reduce your allergy symptoms and parallelly also protecting the environment.  

The eco-friendly carpet-cleaning process is specially designed. Furthermore, it uses as little cleaning agent as possible in order to avoid polluting the environment. The cleaning agent used during green-cleaning processes are made from a natural substance. They are the acidic essence of the citrus fruit, including lemons or oranges. Using these types of cleaning agent also helps to create a fresh scent in your home. Also, the odor from citrus fruit can help to repel insects. 

Types of Stains Removed by Carpet Cleaning professionals

Carpet-cleaning professionals should pretreat stains that are on the fibers. When you don’t know what created a stain, the technician must analyze the debris to plan the best treatment. Using the wrong cleanser or shampooing method can make stains worse or ruin the carpet fibers. The types of stains that professionals can deal with and treat include:
• Urine – removed with a solution of vinegar and water
• Hard waste – application of detergent before deodorizing with baking soda and vinegar
• Dried food – soften debris with specialized cleanser before dabbing with a soft cloth
• Beverages – apply detergent or club soda to lift stains from carpet fibers
• Tar – the mixture of warm water and detergent to soften and lift the debris
• Paint – blot or scrape away the paint before cleaning with detergent
• Makeup – mild detergent, hydrogen peroxide or nail polish remover
• Grass – the mixture of ammonia and water 

Professionals Use High-Quality Equipment and Products 

One of the most important ways that professional carpet-cleaning companies are able to shampoo fibers with an environmentally friendly process is by using the best equipment. Only industrial-grade shampooing machines can remove stains, embedded debris and foul odors from carpets before extracting the moisture and cleansers to leave carpet as dry as possible.  

Instead of saturating a home’s carpet with water that might cause the backing of shrink, degrade or develop mildew, always select the company that uses steam cleaning or hot water extraction.  

Using an extraction process, a carpet-shampooing machine sprays a carpet’s fibers with a combination of hot water and mild cleaning agent that lifts debris instantly before suctioning the dirty water. Rather than having a wet carpet surface, the fibers are almost dry, soft and comfortable to walk on. 

Professional Carpet Cleaning Santa Maria

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