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How to Keep Your Area Rug Clean

Area rugs line the floors of almost every home in the United States- nearly 80% of Americans have at least one rug in their home. They are a practical and versatile way to decorate your home.

Area rugs have so many great benefits. Not only do they protect your main flooring and keep you warm, they are fully customizable to any shape, size, and color you could dream of! Whether you own a simple white fluffy rug for warmth or have a large multicolored rug, rugs are a great way to add personality to your living space. 

No matter what rug you choose, you will need to keep your area rug clean. Area rugs require routine cleaning to stay bright and soft. Keep reading to learn more about area rug cleaning. 

How to Keep Your Area Rug Clean

An area rug gets a lot of traffic, especially when placed in gathering spots such as entryways and living rooms. Routine maintenance of area rugs keeps them looking fresh and clean. 

Regular Vacuuming

Vacuuming is essential for removing everyday dirt and dust from your carpets and rugs. Area rugs should be vacuumed just as frequently as your carpets- about once a week. Any time you have the vacuum cleaner out, be sure to go over your rugs. 

Spot Clean Stains

If something is spilled or someone leaves footprints on your area rug, you will want to address it right away. A stained rug can usually be saved if you clean your rug properly.

First, apply a carpet cleaning solution that is appropriate for your type of rug. Don’t pick a cleaning solution that would be harmful to your rug. Check the manufacturer’s tag for more information about safe cleaners. 

Gently agitate the cleanser using a soft brush or rag. Give the area a good scrub so the cleaning solution gets into the fibers and can lift the stain. Many cleaners will need to sit for a few minutes to have full effect. 

Once the cleaning solution has had a chance to sit, blot dry with a clean towel. be sure to let your rug sit out and dry completely. 

At this point, if the stain is stubborn, you can consider investing in a portable extraction cleaner. These extraction cleaners can get deep into the area rug and then vacuum up the stain. 

If the stain will still not lift, consider hiring a professional area rug cleaner. 

Hire a Professional Carpet Cleaner

When spot cleaning and home solutions just aren’t cutting through the grime, it is time to hire an area rug cleaning service. Professional carpet and rug cleaners can clean deeper than standard at-home solutions without all the hassle. 

Professionals are also able to avoid damaging or discoloring your rug. A professional cleaner has specialty equipment and cleaning solutions that remove stains without damaging the fibers of the rug. 

Clean Your Area Rug Today

Keeping your area rug clean is critical to extending the life of your rug. The constant traffic of your rug builds up over time and requires regular vacuuming and cleaning. When in doubt, turn to a professional area rug cleaning service for help. 

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