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How to Clean a Rug With a Pressure Washer

Your eyes can’t stop looking at the dirt covering the outside of your home. 

It’s the time of year to start breaking out the pressure washer. You’ve watched dirt and grime grow during the cold winter months. 

Did you know there are other uses for your pressure washer besides the brick wall and driveway? It’s a great tool to use for cleaning dirty carpets and rugs.

Below is a quick guide on using a pressure washer to clean a rug. Your home will be looking squeaky clean in no time. 

Find a Spot to Clean

While pressure washing is one of the best DIY cleaning tips, it’s not encouraged to pressure wash indoors so you’ll need to find a spot to bring your rug. Try to find a space free of dirt, soil, and grime. 

The best place will be a concrete driveway or a piece of the road if you’re able to use it. Wait for a clear and sunny day to drag out the rug into the driveway. 

Grab Your Supplies

Once you’ve secured your cleaning spot, you’ll need a small collection of supplies to clean the carpet. 

Make sure you have your pressure washer complete with a garden hose attachment. You’ll also want a scrub brush, drying equipment, and some sort of liquid cleaning solution. 

Soak and Clean

Before setting up the pressure washer, pour the liquid cleaning solution onto the rug. Allow it to soak for about 10 minutes. 

As it soaks, set up your pressure washer and test it on the concrete before using it on the rug. You’ll want to make sure the machine is well-oiled before starting. 

To start cleaning the rug, bring the wand close to the rug but not too close. It should be close enough to adequately clean the material but bringing it too close can damage the rug. 

Run the water over the rug several times after cleaning it in order to guarantee all soap has been rinsed away. 

Dry the Rug

After you clean your rug, it’s time to let it dry. You’ll want to keep it away from dirt and too much wind as it dries.

Many people find it useful to hang it over a line or their fence to let it dry. This way, it stays away from the ground as it soaks up the sun. 

In case of a surprise rain shower, quickly move the rug to a covered area. You can hang it back up once the rain subsides. 

Pressure Washer Uses: Clean a Rug

Pressure washers aren’t just for the driveway or dirty brick. You can use them to clean a rug. Make sure you clean it outside. 

Before cleaning your rug, make sure to find a clear space for you to spread out your rug. Soak the rug in a cleaning solution before using the pressure washer. Give it plenty of time to dry before bringing it back into your home. 

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