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Got Stubborn Dark Spot in Your Carpet? Here’s How to Remove Them

Getting a new carpet in your house is a great feeling. It makes the room feel complete — until that sad day when a spill happens. 

Your beautiful carpet is now ruined by that spilled coffee or that time you forgot to take your shoes off after stepping in mud – it happens to the best of us and it stinks. Getting stains on your carpet is inevitable, but they don’t have to be permanent! 

We know how heartbreaking this can be and we have a solution for you that’ll remove those pesky stains once and for all. 

Read on to learn how to clean your carpet. 

Act Fast 

The first and most important step in learning how to clean your carpet at home is to move fast as soon as you’ve spilled something or spot a stain on your carpet. By acting fast, you’re setting yourself up for an easier removal process. 

When refreshing your carpet, you should make sure to have the right tools on hand. For this process, you can use a stain remover or make your own mixture with water, dawn dish soap, and white vinegar. If you prefer to buy a solution, there are several powerful eco-friendly cleaning options available. 

After you get your mixture, now you can spray and treat the stains. 

Blot, Don’t Scrub 

Once you’ve sprayed your spots, make sure to continue treating them by blotting them out. 

For this step, use color-safe fabric such as plain white paper towels or rags. This will ensure that no further damage occurs during the removal process. 

With your color-safe towel, blot the mixture into the carpet to further activate. It can be tempting, but always blot the stains and never rub them. Rubbing can spread the damage and worsen the problem. 

Always Use Cold Water 

Steam is a popular and effective way to clean carpets, but it’s not a good idea to use it for stain removal. In fact, heat will make the stain permanent because it will cause it to set into the carpet. 

Instead, always remember to use cold water when treating stains because it helps to break them down. 

The cold water acts as a rinse during the blotting process and the material you choose to blot with should be damp, not soaking wet as that can also make matters worse. 


When learning how to clean the carpet in your house, make sure you understand that removing stains takes time. For this reason, it’s important to be patient while the mixture activates. 

If after following the steps you notice that your stain is still there, continue the process until it disappears. Stubborn spots may take several tries but don’t give up because they can and will go away. 

Now You Know How to Clean Your Carpet 

No one likes getting stains on their carpet and removing them can feel impossible. We hope that our steps on how to clean your carpet helped you realize that DIY stain removal isn’t a far-fetched concept. Stubborn dark spots can ruin the whole look of a room if you let them, so don’t let them! 

Better still, you can bring in a professional to help. Contact us today for more information on how we can help you keep your carpet in the best shape possible. 

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