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Don’t Throw It Out! 4 Pro Tips for Cleaning a Stained Rug

Having carpet in the home or business is beneficial for several reasons. It provides a cushion for our feet and keeps them warm as well. Rugs also make for a wonderful decor piece.

A stained rug or carpet, however, can be a sore eye to anyone who walks in the room. When you notice a stained carpet, you quickly begin to research how to clean a stained carpet. Some may even feel defeated and consider throwing the carpet or rug out. 

Don’t let a stain on the rug or carpet cause you to throw it out. It can be saved! Continue reading below to learn more information about how to clean a stained rug. 

1. Clean as Soon as Possible 

The longer a stain sets on a rug, the more difficult it is to remove. As soon as you notice a stain or spill, be sure to clean it immediately. Stop what you’re doing and clean the stain to prevent it from setting into the rug or carpet fibers. 

Even if you don’t have any cleaning products around, you can grab a paper towel or cleaning rag and try to remove as much of the stain as you can. 

2. Blot, Don’t Rub

When cleaning the stain, remember to blot, don’t rub. Place your cleaning rag on the stain and gently press down. Continue patting the rag on top of the stain until no more of the stain transfers onto the rag. 

You may need to swap out your cleaning rag for another one a few times during this process. As tempted as you might be to rub that stain, refrain from doing so. Rubbing a stain can cause it to spread and press further into the rug or carpet fibers. 

3. Use Vinegar

A quick and simple way of cleaning a stained rug is to use white vinegar. This is a common item found in homes and can even be found in some businesses’ cleaning closets. Be sure to dilute the vinegar with water.

Mix 1/2 a cup of white vinegar with 1 cup of water. Then, pour the solution into a spray bottle and treat the stain. Allow the solution to settle into the stain for about 10-15 minutes. 

Blot with a paper towel to remove the stain. It’s also a good idea to test a small area of the rug first to ensure the solution doesn’t cause discoloration. 

4. Contact the Professionals

When you’re having trouble cleaning a stained carpet or rug, don’t hesitate to contact the professionals. Professional rug cleaners have the knowledge and experience needed to effectively remove stains. When you hire professional cleaners, you won’t have to worry about damaging the rug or carpet or failing to remove the stain completely. 

To hire carpet cleaners, conduct an online search for carpet cleaners in your area and then begin to narrow down the options to the top three. Look at experience, guarantees, fair prices, reviews, and other factors to make this determination. 

Don’t Let a Stained Rug Go in the Trash

A stained rug doesn’t have to go in the trash. You can transform an old stained rug into a clean and vibrant one with the help of professional cleaners. 

At Sunlight Carpet Care, we provide carpet and rug cleaning for both residential and commercial properties. Fill out an instant quote form and schedule your appointment today.

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