4 Top Reasons to Implement “No-shoes Indoor” Rule

Are you annoyed with the muddy footprints in your house and carpets? Vacuuming lots of dust from high traffic areas in your home and always trying to find your young one’s rain boots? Well, it can be made easy to solve this issue: just implement a strict rule of wearing shoes at home, hence there are so many reasons to implement No-shoes Indoor rule.

If you have never considered it before, now it is the time to do so. There is a huge incentive to go shoeless inside your home.

Here are a Few Reasons to Implement No-shoes Indoor Rule

The shoe soles accumulate many toxins – one of the unseen threats of walking with shoe insides your home is that you could be spreading toxins. For instance, if you have walked through a grassy area. It might be possible the area has weed killer or lawn fertilizer substance stuck on the soles of your shoes. It is not just grass to worry about. The streets you walk on contains traces of gasoline and other compounds consumed by vehicles. It is evident that such compounds are not healthy for shoes on then? By keeping your shoes on, you are only helping these toxins inside your home, and that is not good for your health. So, Look at the list of some important reasons to implement No-shoes Indoor rule.

Bacteria Threat:

Toxins are not the only things which are harmful to your sole collects. Researches have shown that shoes accumulate lots of bacteria, one of the lethal bacteria which enters your home is E. coil. This is the one responsible for severe gastrointestinal distress. That is not all. Your shoes also collect pollen and other harmful particles, which can trigger asthma and other respiratory conditions.

Avoiding Shoes Indoor:

Do you take pride in your hardwood floor at home? Wouldn’t it be a shame to see it ruined thanks to your son’s sports shoes? This is the scenario when people walk across the area with their shoes. Carpets and rugs don’t have it easy either. They can have tough stains which can easily get avoided by avoiding shoes inside a home.

Cleaning Becomes a Nightmare:

This is one of the most instant benefits of applying no shoe rule at home. Less dirt and dust will find it’s way inside, meaning fewer stains on your carpet and rugs. This could be a relief, especially if you are doing the cleaning with your vacuum cleaner every few days due to excessive dust and dirt.

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