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Area Rug Cleaning Services in Santa Maria

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Often times a rug is the missing piece in the puzzle when it comes to a room interior. However, Rugs are probably the most used and least taken care of interior design in our homes. We understand that some high end and handcrafted rugs can be a highly prized possession for you. Additionally, a rug is often passed down the generations as a family heirloom as well, which is why it should always be in clean and neat condition. Therefore, you should seek a professional rug cleaning service while doing the job.

And that is where we come in; our highly trained technicians use the latest cleaning methods and equipment to clean your rugs. We specialize in expertly cleaning your rugs. Be it oriental or conventional area rugs, our highly trained technicians clean them with great care. We use specialized equipment and products that clean your rugs while preserving their life. 

We pay special attention while selecting our cleaning products to avoid any kind of discoloration or damage to your precious rugs so that you can be stress-free while we restore it to its original glory. We also prefer to always perform a patch test before starting the full cleaning process as it allows us to test the compatibility of the rug’s material and our cleaning agents.

Why You Should Routinely Get Your Rugs Cleaned

Choose Sunlight Carpet Care for your rug cleaning needs in Santa Maria to:

Prolong your Rug’s Life

A routine and thorough cleaning done by trained technicians can help prolong your rug’s life. Rugs can get damaged by spills and residues. To keep your rug looking as good as the day you got it, seek our specialized rug cleaning services.

Rid your Rug of any Harmful Substances

Over time, your precious rug can become a home to many unwanted things. Apart from the conventional dust, food and liquid spills, your rug can also become home to a host of harmful bacteria or mold, which can, in turn, produce unwanted bad odor in the rug. It can also negatively affect the air quality of the room that it is placed in.

Let Us Handle It

We are very well aware that managing a business can be quite a stressful affair; however, you do not need to take the additional stress – we are here to take responsibility for all your cleaning needs, including your rugs.

Ensure your Rug’s Health

We make sure that our team of expert technicians always performs a patch test on the rugs to test the cleaning agents’ compatibility and the fabric of the rug. You will have complete peace of mind when it comes to maintaining your rug’s health after obtaining our services.

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